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Children’s day

We use voice technology to create entertainment and relevant content (through an unconventional way). We are committed to creating a useful and fun tool for all Disney fans, big and small, to have an experience up to the standard.


The “Now it’s time to play” campaign, created for Children’s Day, was developed together with Adventures with the aim of encouraging children to discover a new way of playing.

We use voice technology to generate entertainment and relevant content in a disruptive and unconventional way. We are committed to creating a useful and fun tool so that Disney fans, big and small, can have a non-standard experience.

The app, which can be found on smartphones and personal assistants like Alexa and Google, was able to tell three stories with classic characters from Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars and allows children to interact with the narrative, deciding which direction each saga should take.

During storytelling, the narrator invites the child to pick up their toys and participate in the game, stimulating the imagination and using the digital resources of voice command.

The characters’ voices are the same as their Brazilian voice actors, which creates an identification with the Disney universe. Characters used in the app include Mickey and Minnie Mouse; Dory, from Finding Nemo; Anna, Olaf and Elsa from Frozen and superheroes with Spider-Man and Iron Man.

According to Conrado Caon, CTO of Adventures: “The goal was to offer the world of fantasy, but not in the hypnotic way that screens cause in children. With voice command, they participate in the construction of the narrative while playing with their real toys”.

The Experience

Adventures roadmap

We developed a strategy that followed the Two Truths Methodology, creating a relevant output: Disney is more than a culture. A culture of exchange that creates different impacts through a single story.

Then, we found the opportunity: a space to attract generations through memories, capable of creating different emotions in a playful and exchange moment. The campaign affirmed Disney as an enabler that encourages and invites people to (re)discover their magical moments together.

During the campaign, we implemented the interactive experiences with dozens of different decision trees and endings, in the voice assistants that allowed children to live their adventures alongside Buzz Lightyear, Dory, Mickey and co.

  • 17 million people reached Brazil.
  • We exceeded our engagement goals by 189% throughout the campaign.
  • We print headlines of the largest vehicles specialized in children, with R$ 4 million in Earned Media through PR.
  • More than 1 million sessions were open only in Google Assistant.

Listen now to the Voice Entertainment episode with our CTO, Conrado Caon, about the Disney case.

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