Leticía Bufoni

Building the image of an athlete/artist or “talent,” as we call it at Adventures, it’s very different from doing it with a product or service. As well as a careful look for great opportunities to collaborate with brands, we also have an eye for moments to interact with the public that is part of each talent’s community.


Our main goal is to put our talents, such as Leticia Bufoni, in a privileged and dynamic position on the internet and across different communication channels, always bringing news about their career and results.

In addition, we have the challenge to develop commercial and scalable strategies to bring non endemic brands that will add value and bring even more relevancy to the athlete.

Each project is made of a different step-by-step process. In this case, some of the steps include PR as well as working on the athlete’s personal brand. Both efforts combined bring visibility, awareness and attention from the media to the talent and their sport.

Also, we have an aggressive and commercial team dedicated to finding the right brands to establish long term deals with our talents.

The following step is to introduce to the selected brands the value of our talent by showing how both can work and build each other up.

The toughest challenges in managing a talent’s career are:

  • Relevancy: maintaining the athlete relevant even when he/she is not competing or performing well.
  • Brand’s perception: educating brands on how to properly work with high performance athletes.
  • Competition: our talents are not the only ones in the market who are qualified to work with the biggest brands.
  • Comercial: showing the added value of a talent and their social impact. While they solely focus on their performance, we facilitate original content production on different communication channels.

Letícia Bufoni

  • Action sports athlete with the highest engagement on social media on the planet;
  • Highest number of views for sponsored brands;
  • Most medals in XGames history;
  • First Brazilian skater in history to enter the Guiness Book for having the most wins in street skate´s world cup;
  • First woman ever to have her own character on a skateboarding video game, the Tony Hawk Pro Skater;
  • Voted one of the 25 most relevant women in sport by Forbes;
  • Covered and featured on Forbes, GQ, The Wall Street Journal, Veja, Glamour, and Globo.com;
  • Participation in various media actions on the biggest TV broadcast in Brazil: Globo.

Some of the brands that believe in our model