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TikTok – #ProudToBe

Supporting diversity and social causes are important pillars for TikTok’s global positioning. In 2021, the brand created the #ProudToBe campaign, which celebrates the LGBTQIA+ community in various countries and already has significant social advances on the subject.


Through social listening and the organic search of oficial data, we aim to understand the true situation of the community in Brazil. Currently, the country is the one that kills and attacks the most LGBTQIA+ population in the world.

Parallel to this, we found a behavioural trend on social media, where the users began to question the positioning of different brands throughout the month of June – a symbol of the LGBTQIA+ pride.

Our challenge for TikTok became to not only translate the concept of the #ProudToBe campaign, but also to propose a campaign strategy that carries a message of empowerment and struggle that goes beyond the celebrations of June.

The Experience

in Action

The strategy, constructed alongside the client, brought the classic of MPB (Brazilian Pop Music) by Gozaguinha to set the tone of empathy and struggle that the campaign needed. The track had been recently used as the soundtrack for one of Brazil’s most successful soap operas: Amor de Mãe.

In order to personify the social confrontation and turn the message legitimate, the biggest LGBTQIA+ artist in Brazil was invited to interpret it: Pabllo Vittar. The message gained further traction with the support of over 30 Content Generators all over Brazil, those which were mapped in an organically to amplify the message.

As part of the digital strategy, we produced a series of exclusive content with Pabllo Vittar for TikTok – including the biggest Trends in the music segment – which will be used primarily in the months of July and August to address the topic.

Aside from the videos, we created initiatives that exalt the LGBTQIA+ community inside the entertainment platform, such as livestreams and amplified content from influencers, giving voice to the community in APP.

  • More than 500,000 clip views in less than 24 hours on TikTok alone.
  • More than 11 million views on TikTok Brasil’s channel.
  • 20,000 commentaries on the platform.
  • 10,000 shares via WhatsApp.


Title: Livre Para Ser
Advertiser: TikTok
Client: Kim Farrell, Gabriel Simas e Pedro Maia
Media Agency: Publicis
Creative Agency: Adventures
CEOs: Rapha Avellar e Ricardo Dias
COO: Alê Braga
CSO: Mariana Corradi de Abreu
Executive Creative Director: Inaiara Florêncio
Creative Directors: Guto Chicanelli e Gabriel Bona
Creative: Adriano Castella, Raphael Amoroso, Nathalia Alvarenga e Rodrigo Serafim
Social Media and Influencers: Larissa Andrade, Maya Franthesca e Natália Paixão
Audiovisual: Raphaela Rodrigues
Agency Service: Felipe Argon, Bianca Fachetti e Cristiano de Jesus
Planning: Bianca Brito, Sergio Avilla e Roberta Balbino
Insights: Diego Luongo, Caio Lasagno, Thalles Grassi e Grace Tiossi
Studio: Adventures Studios

Director: Seven Zee
Executive Producers: Olívia Chiesi e Murilo Saroldi
Production Coordinator: Luiza Richer
Cinematographer: Rafael Malta
AD and Production Director: Anderson Café
Production Assistants: Jana Mesquita e Marcelo BeckMann
Camera Assistants: Tiago Alves e Anderson de Oliveira Alves
Logger: Alexandre Bueno
Movement Operator: Jeff Rasta
Gaffer: Frank Closel
Best Boys: Bruno Martin e Igor Fernandes
Costume Designer: João Ribeiro
Post Coordinator: Guga Nascimento
Editor: Duda Casoni
Color Grading: Cora
VFX: Eduardo Souza e Pavê
Acknowledgements: Barnett Estúdios

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